Spring 1984
Cover Art: George Looney



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Table of Contents

Daniel Curley “Visiting the Dead”
Philip Graham “Through the Binoculars”
Elizabeth Kirschner “Lead Us One”
Jiri Klobouk “Winter Wolves”
Kent Nelson “The Actress”
John Westby “Summer Battles”

Nick Bozanic “December”
W.E. Butts “The Visit”
Joan Colby “Owls”
Jim Cummins from The Perry Mason Sestinas
Philip Dacey “Dogs”
Joel Dailey “Photograph”
Peter Desy “Parents”
Jack Driscoll Two Poems
Gary Fincke “Love’s Source”
Dayv James French “The Aviary”
Vanessa Haley “Luciferin: 1959”
Mark Irwin “To a Fallen Starling”
Steven Klepetar “Buick”
Miriam Kotzin “Portrait”
Greg Kuzma Two Poems
Carl Lindner Two Poems
Tamiko Lynch “Sacrifice”
William Meissner Three Poems
Hugh Ogden “Late Winter”
Philip Paradis “Dust Storm”
Simon Perchik “Nothing Will Collide”
Keith Ratzlaff Two Poems
Mark Rubin “Catherine Prudhomme”
Paul Ruffin “Frozen Over”
Laurel Speer “Putting On a Girdle . . .”
T.S. Wallace “The Language of Blood”

Richard Anderson “Robert Coover’s Dissident Works”
Mark Irwin “Immediacy in Poetry”
June B. Valley “A New Social and Artistic Direction in the American Grain: James Alan McPherson’s Elbow Room

Translation Chapbook
Damaso Alonzo A Man in the Company of Himself
Translated by Robert Early, George Looney, and Mauri Meredith

What We’re Reading
Lady Faustus by Diane Ackerman
Songs From This Earth on Turtle’s Back: Contemporary American Indian Poetry edited by Joseph Bruchac
Fishing the Backwash by Jack Driscoll
The Aeneid translated by Robert Fitzgerald
The Sunday Naturalist by Anthony Sobin
Icehouse Lights by David Wojahn

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