a3-2Fall 1983
Cover Art: Dana Henry



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Table of Contents

Abigail Barrilleaux “The Garbage Men”
Mae Briskin “Children, Dogs, and Dying Men”
Francois Camoin “La Vida”
Mary McDaniel “Through Time and Space”
Dennis McFarland “Distant Child”
Ed Minus “The Rabbit Box”
Glenn S. Morrow “The Fresco”
Gladys Swan “Getting an Education”

David Adams “County Road No. 7”
Carol Berge Two Poems
J.V. Brummels “Sculptress in Blue”
Jared Carter “At the Used Car Auction”
Siv Cedering Three Poems
Shelagh Cowing “Tidewater Specialities”
Rafael Daza Two Poems
Ken Denberg “Untitled”
Lynn Domina Two Poems
Jack Driscoll “Building the Cold From Memory”
Jack Driscoll and William Meissner “Ceilings”
Albert Goldbarth Two Poems
Peter Huggins Two Poems
David James “The Rabbit Story”
Laura Jensen Two Poems
Judith Kitchen Two Poems
Thomas Lynch “Venice”
Nancy Morejon “Una Rosa”
Jim Peterson “The Distraction”
William Studebaker Three Poems
Lewis Turco “May, Merely”
F. Keith Wahle “The New House”
Jeff Worley Two Poems

David Huddle “Issues and Character: The Saint at the Typewriter”
Mairi Meredith “Voice and Image in Two Contemporary American Poets”

What We’re Reading
Cathedral by Raymond Carver
The Appassionata Poems by David Citino
Original Light: New and Selected Poems 1973-1983 by Albert Goldbarth
Everyday Life by Greg Kuzma
Learning To Breathe Underwater by William Meissner
Hoisery Seams on a Bowlegged Woman by Thylias Moss
Proud and On My Feet by J.W. Rivers
The Flame Room by Knute Skinner
Common Ground: Poems by Dabney Stuart
Deaparting As Air by Allen Wier

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