a2-2Fall 1982
Cover Art: J. Hackett


Unfortunately, this issue is no longer available for individual purchase.

Table of Contents

Daniel Curley “The Reunion”
Paul Friedman “The Family”
Robert Shapard “Messages”
Terry Stokes “Women and Children First”

Theresa Bacon Two Poems
David Baker Two Poems
Tina Blade “Hoan Tri Dang, Clerk III”
Emanuel Chill “Rilke”
Joan Colby “Mere Man”
Joseph Green “Watching the Neighbors Load All Their Belongings Onto a U-Haul Trailer”
Jeff Gundy Two Poems
Mark Irwin Two Poems
Judith Kitchen Two Poems
Frannie Lindsay “Kites in Paradise”
Joel Lipman “Longtime Rossford Greenhouse Owner”
Denise Low “Small Two Landscape”
Sister Mary Lucina Two Poems
Richard Michelson “Reading the Advice Columns”
Gerald McCarthy “Susquehanna”
Laura Newton “Accident”
Jim Peterson “Alive and Well At the Camelback Inn”
Carlos Reyes “Bahia De Palma”
Judith Root Two Poems
Michael Spence “Fogged In”
Harriet Susskind “Sunday at Sunset Bay”
Jody Swilky Two Poems
Pamela Uschuk Two Poems
Adrienne Wolfert “In America”
Fred Wolven “Viewing Ernst’s Little Girls Set Out to Hunt The White Butterflies I Think Of My Daughters”

Terrance Doody “After Modernism”
Steven G. Kellman “The Great American Novel: 1938-83”
James Curry Robinson “Joiner as a Resurrection of the Hero in Contemporary Fiction”

What We’re Reading
The American Book of the Dead by Jim Barnes
D’Apres Tout: Poems by Jean Follain
Shrunken Planets by Robert Louthan
Breaking and Entering by Peter MaKuck
The Astonishment of Origins: French Sequences by Rainer Maria Rilke
The Culmination of a Career: James Wright’s THIS JOURNEY

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