Volume II, No. 1



Spring 1982
Cover Art: J. Hackett

Table of Contents

Eugene Garber “The Piney Wood”
Marilyn Krysl “Desirs”
Kevin McIlvoy “The Rhino in the Barn”
James C. Schapp “William Fred the Lugger”
Layle Silbert “The Last Husband”

Bonnie Alexander Two Poems
Charlotte Alexander Two Poems
David Baker Two Poems
Joseph Bruchac Three Poems
Mark Bruner “Another Russian Fantasy Train”
Thomas Brush Two Poems
Michael Burns Three Poems
Edward Byrne Two Poems
David Citino “On the Photograph in Paris Match of Anna and Maria, Siamese Twins”
William Virgil Davis “Twins”
Albert Goldbarth “Grove/To Make Sure”
Stephanie Hallgren “Jupiter Song”
David Hopes “Catherine Street”
Mark Irwin “Snow”
Phyllis Janik “Strata”
Jeanne Larsen Two Poems
Robert Lietz “Sunday in Parish Neighborhoods”
Richard Michelson “A Model for Marriage”
W.R. Moses Two Poems
John Quinn Three Poems
Theresa Pappas Two Poems
A. Poulin, Jr. Two Poems
J.W. Rivers Three Poems
Knute Skinner Three Poems
Sandra Sprayberry “Little Miss Muffet”
Harriet Susskind Two Poems
Sarah Brown Weitzman “Vigil”
R.T. Wilson Two Poems

Douglas E. Crowell “From Providence to Paranoia: The Puritan Epistemology Transformed in Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow
Terrence Doody “After Modernism”

What We’re Reading
Laws of the Land by David Baker
Fierce Metronome: The One-Page Novels, and Other Short Fiction by Carol Berge
Work, for the Night is Coming by Jared Carter
The Glacier’s Daughters by David Brendan Hopes
A Waltz by Kevin McIlvoy
The 8-Step Grapevine by Dara Wier

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