a1-2Fall 1981
Cover Art: Tom Morrisey


Table of Contents

Lester Goldberg “Two Brothers”
Rebecca Kavaler “The Zeigarnik Effect”
Carolyn Osborne “House of the Blue Woman”
Steven Schwartz “Slow-Motion”
Gordon Weaver “The Good Man of Stillwater, Oklahoma”

Alison Armstrong “Consubstantiation”
David Baker Two Poems
Greg Bowers “#24”
Joan Colby “Infanticides”
Albert Drake “The Arnold Street Sewer”
M.R. Doty “Sex in the 80’s”
Joseph Duemer “Songs I Could Sing You”
Gary Fincke “Breath”
Stephen Gardner Two Poems
Albert Goldbarth “He mounts to the Nine Heavens, wields the Broom Star.”
Frank Graziani “Homage to Knut Hamsun”
Vanessa Haley “How They Remind Us”
Jonathan Holden Two Poems
William Howell Two Poems
Carolyn Kreiter-Kurylo “The Replica”
Ernest Kroll “Geronimo”
Greg Kuzma “Summer”
P.V. LeForge “The Ten Visions”
Peter Nicolleta Two Poems
Jim Peterson “The Hunkering”
John Quinn Two Poems
Thomas Reiter “Making Up Trains”
Paul Ruffin “Jody Walker: The First Voice”
Ron Slate “The Swimmer”
Kim R. Stafford Two Poems
Terry Stokes “Oh, It’s Been Easy”
Gregoire Turgeon “Six Ways of Keeping Time”
David Wagoner Three Poems
Larkin Warren “Halfway House”

Louis Gallo “W.S. Merwin’s Ontological Parables”
Mack Smith “Ulyesses in Penn Villas: Joyce’s Ulysses as Structural Model for Updike’s Rabbit Redux

What We’re Reading
Shooting Rats at the Bibb County by David Bottoms
Last Rites by Christopher Buckley
Childhood and Other Neighborhoods by Stuart Dybek
Notes from the Water Journals by Rich Ives
Cold Wind River by Kent Nelson
White Monkeys by Bin Ramke
Selected Poems by Mark Strand

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