Spring 1981
Cover Art: Tom Morrisey

Table of Contents

David Huddle “Save One for Mainz”
Kim Yong Ik “American Love Songs”
Jack Matthews “The Kiss”
David Nemec “Career”
Richard Russo “The Top of the Tree”

David Baker Two Poems
James Bertolino “The Song of Threnody”
Thomas Brush Three Poems
David Citino “Letter to the Editor”
Joan Colby Two Poems
M.R. Doty “Drunk Ewe”
Joseph Duemer Two Poems
Sally Evridge “Cannon for the Good”
Roberta Gould Two Poems
Cathryn Hankla “Earth & Apples”
Margaret Hasse Two Poems
Jonathan Holden “Billet Doux”
David B. Hopes “A Passion Play”
David Huddle Three Poems
Robert Huff Three Poems
T.R. Hummer “Something About How Time Works”
Colette Inez “Tunnel Songs”
Richard Katrovas “Father, I Know”
David Kirby “Sara Bernhardt’s Leg”
Jeanne Larsen Two Poems
Peter Makuck Two Poems
Karen Osborn “The Motion of Water”
A. Poulin, Jr. Two Poems
J.W. Rivers “The Non-Swimmer Advises His Nephew About the Beach”
William Pitt Root “Choosing a Diamond”
Neil Shepard Three Poems
Michael Simms “The Saying of Names”
Knute Skinner “Edna Faye”
William Stafford Two Poems
Brian Swann “Late Spring”
David Wagoner “The Other”
Keith Wilson Two Poems

What We’re Reading
A Part by Wendell Berry
St. Augustine’s Pigeon by Evan S. Connell
Paper Boy by David Huddle
Ark : The Foundations 1-33 by Ronald Johnson
Jesus Tales by Romulus Linney
Light and Power by Ian MacMillan
Bright Lights, Dark Rooms by David Nemec
Classic Ballroom Dances by Charles Simic
Landfall by David Wagoner
Getting Serious and Circling Byzantium by Gordon Weaver

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