Volume XI, No. 2


Spring 1991
Cover Art: Johnathan W. Rice

Table of Contents

Anthony Schneider “Killing Margaret”
Curtis Smith “Have You Seen My Mother, Delilah Bendin?”
Paul Bowers “To Our Own Devices”
Janset Berkok Shami “Waiting”
Philip Graham “Interior Design”

Andy Winston Two Poems
Allan Cooper “The Buttercup Squash”
David-Glen Smith “The Moon Dreams of Cecilia Dreaming of the Moon”
Gerrie Paino “Shadows”
W.E. Butts “Day Labor”
Mark Henke “Hekla”
Roy Bentley “Dizzy Gillespie at the Blue Note”
Roger Sheffer “Nerstrand Woods”
Peter Wild “The Old Whiskey Barrel”
Lowell Jaeger “What the Stones Know”
Linda Nemec Foster “Climbing Harney Peak, Black Hills, South Dakota”
Sheryl St. Germain “Deathbed”
Fleda Brown Jackson Two Poems

The Artist in Society Forum
Jean Thompson “Enemy Lines: Television, Language, War, and Art”
Tony Ardizzone “The Frog in the Relish: On the Writer’s Responsibility to Society”
Philip Dacey “Vive la Resistance!: Orwell Mutatis Mutandis”
Philip Graham “Our Own House of Mbari”

Otto Tolnai “Watching My Own Face”
Gyorgy Faludy “The 52nd”
Karl Krolow Three Poems
Jean-Pierre Rosnay Two Poems

Translations of Issa by Lucien Stryk and Noboru Fujiwara

Translation Chapbook
Cesar Vallejo Selections from Trilce
Translated by Clayton Eshleman and Julio Ortega

What We’re Reading
The Sleeping Beauty by Hayden Carruth
New Stories from the South edited by Shannon Ravenal
Of Pen and Ink and Paper Scraps by Lucien Stryk
Further Sightings and Conversations by Jerome Rothenberg
The Fields by Richard Silberg
Crow and Weasel by Barry Lopez
The City in Which I Love You by Li-Young Lee
Blue Autumn by Christopher Buckley
Local Deities by Agnes Bushell
Isabella Gardner: The Collected Poems



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