Volume XXXX, No. 1

40.1 Issue Cover, rubies piercing the internal pages of a copy of MAR

40.1 Table of Contents

Anne Guidry, “Disrepair”
Grey Wolfe LaJoie, “Mention of Flesh”
E.J. Morris, “Popsicle Sticks”
Teresa Burns Gunther, “Abundance”
Mariya Poe, “No Milk, Just Beef”
Hazel Foster, “A Permanent State”

Doug Ramspeck, “Two Poems”
Joni Lee, Three Poems
Dan Rosenberg, “If You Carry the Book I Will Carry You”
Danielle Pieratti, “Matins”
Heather Lanier, “Bear Leads Police in Wild Chase…”
Paul Howe, “Lost Infinities” 
Kwame Dawes, Three Poems
Francine Witte, “First conversations, maybe”
Hannah V. Warren “Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve”
Michele Karas, “Tulip Cuttings”
Meg Stout, “Jonagold, McInstosh, Cortland, &c”
M.A. Scott “Mercy, Recurring”
Monica Joy Fara, “Grassland Psalm”

Creative Nonfiction
Jenniey Tallman, “Our Belmont”

Max Sessner, At Last with a Small Sigh the Mouth
Translated from the German and Introduced by Francesca Bell

Khal Torabully, Sentences Staining the Sea
Translated from the French and Introduced by Nancy Naomi Carlson

The 2019-2020 Fineline Competition
     First Prize
Diane LeBlanc, “Possum”
     Runner Up
Richard Garcia, “San Francisco” 
Cherie Hunter Day, “Passerine”
Leonora Desar, “The Jennifers”
Merridawn Duckler, “Parable of the Bone”
Jeff Gundy, “Corn”
Diane LeBlanc, “Suddenly You Are Alone”
Nancy Ludmerer, “Fathers”
Carmen Maldonado, “The Origin of Language”
Molly Reid, “Advice for Eating an Animal”

What We’re Reading

Extinction Events by Liz Breazeale, reviewed by Matt Stewart
Night Angler by Geffrey Davis, reviewed by Alison Meijas Santoro
The Boy in the Labyrinth by Oliver de la Paz, reviewed by Abigail Cloud
Oceanographyby Jeremy Griffin, reviewed by Annie Cigic
The Snow Collectors by Tina May Hall, reviewed by George Looney
American Grief in Four Stages by Sadie Hoagland, reviewed by Kari Hanlin
No Good for Digging by Dustin M. Hoffman, reviewed by Alise Miller
Requiem with an Amulet in its Beak by Elizabeth Knapp, reviewed by Cassandra Caverhill
All Its Charms by Keetje Kuiper, reviewed by Cloe Dree Watson
Ivy vs. Dogg by Brian Leung, reviewed by Brenna Hosman
Claiming a Body by Amanda Marbais, reviewed by Angela C. Kramer
Bodies of Truth: Personal Narratives on Illness, Disability and Medicine edited by Dinty W. Moore, Erin Murphy, and Renée K. Nicholson, reviewed by Aryanna Falkner
The Rapture Index: A Suburban Bestiary by Molly Reid, reviewed by Chad Merrell
Tiny Journalist by Naomi Shihab Nye, reviewed by Julie Webb
Settlers by F. Daniel Rzicznek, reviewed by Michelle Bellman
Threshold Delivery by Patty Seyburn, reviewed by Turner Wilson
The Lines by Anthony Varallo, reviewed by Nick Gardner
As One Fire Consumes Another by John Sibley Williams, reviewed by Matt Miller