Poetry and Nightmare” with Mary Robles
Friday, Nov. 14, 4:30-5:45pm (Session B6)

What scares you? What makes you cry? What makes you sick to your stomach? In poetry, these topics can often be fiery material for intense, raw, and psychologically complex writing. We will explore the bizarre and often disturbing realm of nightmare and reflect privately on our greatest fears and deepest anguishes. Examples of poems that embody the element of nightmare will show us how to harness this power in our writing. We will discuss such themes as death, violence, disease, and torture, then create the skeleton of a poem about what scares us.

Presenter Mary Robles shares some additional information about this dark and disturbing session below:

Who should attend?
Writers who are interested in fear, horror, and unanswerable darkness

What can attendees expect from your workshop?
Attendees can expect to spend an uncomfortable hour reflecting on the not-so-sunny side of poetry.

Name one fun fact or bit of trivia about this session:
Everyone who attends will eventually die.

Quick! Summarize the benefits of this workshop in 10 words or fewer:
Blood , Guts, Gore, Pain, Torture, Death, Crying, Dying, Writing, Fun!

Any last words?
Where is the Black Beast?

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