Unicorn Pony

It’s time, friends. When lines line “shimmering rainbow mane” and “shining technicolor pony” appear on the blog, you know what’s coming. Pure magic. Today, we post our final winning entry in the My Little Pony Writing Contest:”Unicorn Hunters” by Kara Krewer.

Unicorn Hunters

More messages this morning:

We are looking for a third
we are looking to complete our
mystical unicorn triad…

But I have no horn,

no spiral, wound-healing magic.

But you are a pretty little filly
we like your shimmering rainbow mane
how the twilight sparkles in your horsefeathers

But I do not pony up
I do not canter

for all the boys and girls.
Yes, I like oats and sugar cubes both,
but I am ambivalent about virgins.

We would let you run along the beach
at sunset and we could sell your pictures
to those companies that make folders

But I swear I do not see it—
I look in the mirror and see no magic,
only the earthbound.

But it’s our dream to share our love
with another woman

Listen: no part of me flutters
for you and I’ve got no saddle, no room for a rider.
I am a singular short beast,

one shining technicolor pony
hiking the crystal path,

and even if I had some harmony to bring
it would not be for you.


Kara Krewer

Kara Krewer


Kara Krewer grew up on an southwest Georgia.
She is currently an MFA candidate in poetry at
Purdue University, where she is editor-in-chief
of the
 Sycamore Review. Her work has most
recently appeared in
The Georgia Review.




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Pony Photo: Lisa Brewster