Winter Wheat

We are now accepting workshop proposals for Winter Wheat: The Mid-American Review Festival of Writing, which will be held Nov. 13-15, 2014 on the campus of Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. Workshops are held Nov. 14-15.

Interested presenters may propose workshops in any area of creative writing, including but not limited to the craft of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry; publishing; revision; the writing process; and more. Each workshop is one hour and fifteen minutes long, and preference is given to workshops that include writing time for participants. The proposal deadline is Sept. 10.

Curious what type of workshop proposals we’ve accepted in the past? Here’s a sampling of several workshops held at Winter Wheat in 2013:

2013 Accepted Winter Wheat Workshops

“Whose Story Is It? Ethics in Creative Nonfiction” with Sarah White
Whose story is it to tell? You have a creative nonfiction piece you want to write, but it involves your mom, your spouse, your child, that crazy ex-girlfriend from high school…. Where do we draw the line? If it’s part of my experience, am I justified in sharing it? Let’s discuss the ethics of nonfiction.

“Haunted Places” with Catherine Carberry and Katrin Tschirgi
By exploring our past and collective memories, we see that haunted places provide a wealth of inspired stories and allow us to understand the intersection of past and present, living and dead.

“All Scenes Are Duels” with Brad Felver
In this session, we will examine ways to create and elongate tension in a scene. We will consider a few famous examples, discuss potential strategies, and then try our hands at infusing scenes with tension.

“Writing the Imaginary Landscape” with F. Daniel Rzicznek and Bryan Gatozzi
This exploratory workshop will offer suggestions and prompts for writers of all genres hoping to sharpen their senses of expanse and enclosure. Writers will come into closer contact with their physical and psychic surroundings while investigating the landscapes of memory and imagination.

“Poetry with Personality: Writing Persona and Character in Poetry” with Casey Nichols
This workshop will discuss the ways in which we write about people we know (or people we don’t), the challenges of writing from the perspective of a persona, and what our persona poems reveal about ourselves. Participants will spend time writing to create a strong persona or character of their own.

“Diagramming the City, the Experience, the Population of Butterflies: Using Maps and Cartography in Creative Writing” with Anne Valente
In this interactive session, we will discuss and test out using maps to enhance or even define creative work. Writers of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction alike can find innovative ways to use maps and cartography to diagram both tangible and intangible aspects of their creative writing.

Proposals can be accessed here. Please email your proposal to Abigail Cloud ( and Laura Maylene Walter ( by Sept. 10. If you prefer to submit your proposal via mail, please use the address below:

Mid-American Review
Department of English
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Good luck!

Join us Nov. 13-15 for Winter Wheat: The Mid-American Review Festival of Writing! Winter Wheat features dozens of panels focusing on publishing, craft, and technique for writers of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Keynote readers for 2014 include Sharona Muir, Anne Valente, Marcus Wicker, and Allison Joseph; Mid-American Review editors will also offer publishing insight.