Welcome to the 2020 21st Century Englishes Conference!

Critical Divides: Coming Together in Crisis

The 21st Century Englishes Conference is an annual Midwest graduate student conference organized by Bowling Green State University Rhetoric & Writing Ph.D. students. It is hosted by the Rhetoric Society of the Black Swamp, the BGSU Student Chapter of the Rhetoric Society of America, and BGSU Rhetoric & Writing Ph.D. Program. It is sponsored by BGSU Department of English and General Studies Writing.

Please contact co-chairs Annie Cigic, Rachel Flynn, and Laura Menard at 21stcon@gmail.com with any questions.

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(Live presentations will be recorded)

CHANGE TO SCHEDULE: Keynote presentation will now be live beginning at 12:00 pm!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Session A

1:00 pm – 2:15 pm

Session A.1.:

Flexibility, Approachability, and Authentic Collaboration: Designing a Genuinely Engaging Online Course

  • Katherine Daily O’Meara, Saint Norbert College

“Learning Online Can Feel Cold and Lonely”: Fostering Student Engagement in Online Classes

  • Nancy Ann Fox (Edele), University of Washington

Video of Session A.1

Session A.2:

“Now You Hear Us”: Transmodal Approaches for Refugee Learners in Online Contexts

  • Megan Heise, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
  • Daphne Morgen, Youth UnMuted
  • Jenna Baron, ARYSE

Video of Session A.2

Links from Session A.2:

Session A.3:

Dissent, Disruption, and Democracy: Structuring Community in Times of Corona

  • Robert Bern, Ohio University
  • Jill Manoukian, Ohio University
  • Katie Monthie, Ohio University
  • Rachel Stroup, University of Maryland College Park
  • Dr. Mara Holt, Ohio University

Session A.3 Link: https://bgsu-edu.zoom.us/j/84872212853?pwd=TWdpTC9VSW5VRk1TcUJDblVtR1BDUT09

Session B

2:30 pm

We reserve this time for the viewing of pre-recorded sessions and poster presentations.

Session B.1:

“Learning Online Can Feel Cold and Lonely”: Fostering Student Engagement in Online Classes

  • Nancy Ann Fox (Edele), University of Washington

Session B.2:

Community canon: How the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality flattens curation

  • Spencer Myers, Bowling Green State University

Session B.2 Link: https://youtu.be/lcIRHK-_GZo

Session B.3:

Student/Citizen: Pedagogical Strategies for Confronting Social Issues in the Advanced Composition Classroom

  • Sarah Lonelodge, Oklahoma State University

Session B.3 Link: https://youtu.be/jv32AQMGjBI

Session B.4:

The COVID-19 Slump: Handling Lack of Motivation in Students During a Pandemic

  • Marisa Lucas, The University of Findlay
  • Alexandra Chakov, The University of Findlay

Session B.4 Link: https://youtu.be/sILqU1Z1ZRQ

Session C

10:30 am – 11:45 am

Session C.1:

“Can We Be Friends?”: The Cross-Disciplinary Friendship between Writing Studies and Applied Linguistics in the Canadian Writing Classroom

  • Christin Taylor, University of Waterloo

Claiming a Hybrid Education: aiding students to name and hopefully meet expectations in a changing environment

  • Sherrel McLafferty, Bowling Green State University

Session C.1 Link: http:// https://bgsu.webex.com/meet/drouinr <– Link is fixed!

Keynote: Dr. Bernice Olivas

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Video of Keynote Presentation

Session D

1:45 pm – 3:00 pm

Session D.1:

Pre-Recorded Special Panel Presentation:“A Pedagogy from Crisis”: A Conversation with BGSU NEH CARES Act Grant Personnel

  • Stevie Scheurich, Bowling Green State University
  • Chad Iwertz Duffy, Bowling Green State University
  • Amilcar Challu, Bowling Green State University
  • Lee Nickoson, Bowling Green State University
  • Matt Schumann, Bowling Green State University
  • Jolie Sheffer, Bowling Green State University

Session D.1 Link: https://youtu.be/lhSRUbXoDFo

Session E

3:15 pm – 4:30 pm

Session E.1:

“How Does This Apply to Us?”: Local Connections and Continued Learning in Technical Communication

  • Addison Lamb, The University of Findlay
  • Adam Pittman, The University of Findlay

Video of Session E.1