MAR 38.2 Cover Art: There was no going back, by Michelle Kingdom

38.2 Table of Contents

Katherine L. Hester, “Dirty South”
Naomi Telushkin, “Submarine”
Cat Ingrid Leeches, “My Dead Mother Is into Rotting Fish & Crystals”
Carley Gomez, “The Art of a Bonsai Killer”
Andrew Mitchell, “Nosebleeds”

Ruth Foley, “The Circle of What I Can Control”
Eve Jones, Two Poems
Clayton Adam Clark, “The Noctambulists”
Allison Blevins, “How to Explain Fertility When an Acquaintance Asks Casually:”
Kim Welliver, “St Agatha Redecorates”
Jennifer Habel, Two Poems
Fay Dillof, Two Poems
Hannah Beresford, “This Is Not How I Know”
Jacob Sunderlin, “Hangover for Townes Van Zandt”

Salgado Maranhão, “Flight”
Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin

Translation Chapbook Feature
Salvatore Quasimodo, The Foreigner in Me
Translated from the Italian and Introduced by Julia Older
Abdourahman A. Waberi, The Path That Leads to the Source
Translated from the French and Introduced by Nancy Naomi Carlson

The 2017-2018 James Wright Poetry Award
     First Prize
Cammy Pedroja, “Ants Eating Poison”
John Sibley Williams, “The Detainee Is Granted One Wish”
Leila Chatti, “Deluge”
Anita Olivia Koester, “Cartography of a Labyrinth”
Cameron McGill, “Because I Did Not Die”

The 2017-2018 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
     First Prize
Sakinah Hoefler, “The Prophet, The Fixer”
Connor McNamara, “Grief”

What We’re Reading
They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us by Hanif Abdurraqib, reviewed by Nicholas Rys
Set to Music a Wildfire by Ruth Awad, reviewed by Suzanne Hodsden
Black Jesus and Other Superheroes by Venita Blackburn, reviewed by Kari Hanlin
ActivAmerica by Meagan Cass, reviewed by Katy Cesarotti
Darling Nova by Melissa Cundieff, reviewed by Annie Cigic
Street Calligraphy by Jim Daniels, reviewed by Dan Gualtieri
Dots & Dashes by Jehanne Dubrow, reviewed by Madelaine Pope
Should I Still Wish by John W. Evans, reviewed by Nathaniel Meals
Beast by Paul Kingsnorth, reviewed by Becca Orchard
Sky Country by Christine Kitano, reviewed by Anthony Lograsso
Run Away to the Yard by Lisa C. Krueger, reviewed by Abigail Cloud
Bridled by Amy Meng, reviewed by Hadeel Salameh
Brief Interviews with the Romantic Past by Kathryn Nuernberger, reviewed by Roseanna Boswell
Darwin’s Mother by Sarah Rose Nordgren, reviewed by Erin Carlyle
The Osiris Poems by Simon Perchik, reviewed by Remigius Ward Recchia
Square Inch Hours by Sherod Santos, reviewed by Madeline Grigg
Gatherest by Sasha Steensen, reviewed by Anna Short