Image: issue 38.1 Cover art, Time makes knots, by Michelle Kingdom
Issue 38.1 Cover Art: Time makes knots, by Michelle Kingdom

38.1 Table of Contents


Matthew Pitt, “A Horizon of Koi”
C.A. Schaefer, “Last Rites”
Maggie Su, “Far Be It for Me to Say”
Victoria Campbell, “We Were Here”


Zack Rybak, “A Softer Glass”
Sam Killmeyer, from The Teeth Poems
Nin Andrews, “Never Tired”
David Thacker, “A Fetus Dreams of Her Embodied Mind”
Marsha Truman Cooper, “Sisters”
Jacqui Zeng, “Between House and Hearse”
Margaret Cipriano, “In the Century of Specialty”
Lisa Rosinsky, “Fairy Tale with No Known Provenance”
John A. Nieves, Two Poems
Jesse Littlejohn, “The Animation (1939)”
Graham Hillard, “Corner Studio, Artists’ Colony”
Kelly Moffett, “Candling before Divorce”
Gabriella R. Tallmadge, Two Poems
Selina Foster, “I am a reunion of broken parts”
Elizabeth Barnett, “Winter shows us to the road”
L. A. Johnson, “Self-Portrait as Live Oak”


Jennifer Militello, Two Works
Beth Peterson, “Wittgenstein’s Cabin”
Henrietta Goodman, “Animals”

Translation Chapbook

Dimitra Kotoula, This Slow Horizon Behind Me That Breathes
Translated from the Greek and Introduced by Maria Nazos

The 2017 Fineline Competition

First Prize
Peter Krumbach, “Fugitive”

Lynne Nugent, “My Grief Is a Student of the Humanities”

Emily Rose Cole, “Dorothy as Witch of the East, a Grimoire”
Lucia Galloway, “Earth Beneath the Snow”
W. J. Herbert, “Pine Vole”
Sonja Johanson, “Spell for a Child Afraid of Spiders”
Jeanne Mack, “Desi”
Claire Polders, “Dawn”
Eleanor Stanford, “Obviously, however, such recombinations cannot be thought to represent genuinely possible worlds.”
Corey Zeller, “New Objects”

The 2017 AWP Intro Journals Awards

Katie Amundsen, “Whale Soup”
Rachel Toliver, “My Cartographies”

What We’re Reading

All Soul Parts Returned by Bruce Beasley, reviewed by Dan Gualtieri
Heavy Metal by Andrew Bourelle, reviewed by Anne Weyer
Lighthouse for the Drowning: Poems by Jawdat Fakhreddine, translated by Huda Fakhreddine and Jayson Iwen, reviewed by Annie Cigic
Glory Days by Melissa Fraterrigo, reviewed by Hadeel Salameh
Every Room in the Body: Poems by Kerri French, reviewed by Madeline Grigg
A Lesser Love: Poems by E. J. Koh, reviewed by Anthony Lograsso
Bright Darkness by Ken Letko, reviewed by Anna Short
The Disintegrations by Alistair McCartney, reviewed by Nicholas Rys
The Wild Night Dress: Poems by Laura McCullough, reviewed by Theodora Hannan
Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum by Nadine Sabra Meyer, reviewed by Remigius Ward Recchia
Double Portrait by Brittany Perham, reviewed by Roseanna Alice Boswell
The Most Foreign Country by Alejandra Pizarnik, translated by Yvette Siegert, reviewed by Erin Carlyle
Gravity Changes by Zach Powers, reviewed by Katy Cesarotti
Novena by Jacques J. Rancourt, reviewed by Preston Smith
Ordinary Trauma: A Memoir by Jennifer Sinor, reviewed by Kari Hanlin
In the Still of the Night by Dara Wier, reviewed by Abigail Cloud