37.2: Spring 2017 Cover Art: Sarah Knill

37.2 Table of Contents


Sarah Wheeler “The Acrobat’s Daughter”
Carolyn Watson “Slipped from the Tongue”
Blair Hurley “Whitetails”
Daniel Riddle Rodriguez “Sweet Spot”
Eugenie Montague “Treatment”


Erin Lynch “Hex”
Jeff Mock “Despite the Happily Ever After, Gretel’s Father Seeks Therapy”
Felicia Zamora “Two Poems”
Chelsea Dingman “Snow Fugue”
Jeff Gundy “The Traveler Encounters More Renowned Cities, Foreign Tongues, and Items of Historical Significance”
Dorsey Craft “Anne Bonny in Charles Town”
Amy Jo Trier-Walker “Who Listens for Seam and Billow”
Joannie Stangeland “In the Helices”
Patrick Milian “On Sharing and the Resonant”
Nathan Slinker “Movement from Farm to Table with Forest Interlude”
Rebecca Liu “Two Poems”
Sarah Minor “Signal, Arizona”
Meg Reynolds “Birthday Fish”
Jesse DeLong “What Will Suffice”
Panika M. C. Dillion “to balance the scales (as if there ever is a once for all)”
Kristina Faust “Frank Lloyd Wright Refuses to Apologize”
Catherine Kyle “Ode to a Parallel Universe in Which Gifts Given Are Gone”


Patrick Clement James “Two Works”


Jean-Pierre Rosnay  The Fear Lilacs Feel
Translated from the French by J. Kates

Translation Chapbook

Antonio Riccardi  The Nymph in a Box
Translated from the Italian and Introduced by Charlotte Simmonds

The 2016-2017 James Wright Poetry Award

First Prize

Josie Sigler “O tree with a hundred mouths”


Martin Rock “Leda and Not the Swan”


Ben Gunsberg “Floating Exhibit”
alyssa hanna “Pueraria lobata
Colby Cedar Smith “Immortal Jellyfish”
Maja Malgorzata Zmyslowski “Me, a Map, Island Bound”

The 2016-2017 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award

First Prize

Amelia Hawkins “Butter Yellow”


Elizabeth Danek “Sophomores, 1969”

What We’re Reading

Hold Me Gorilla Monsoon by Colette Arrand, reviewed by Abigail Cloud
Magic for Unlucky Girls by A.A. Balaskovits, reviewed by Bridget Adams
Anybody by Ari Banias, reviewed by Jacob Hall
Count the Waves by Sandra Beasley, reviewed by Dan Gualtieri
A Tree or a Person or a Wall: Stories by Matt Bell, reviewed by Hannah Strang
Barely Composed by Alice Fulton, reviewed by Remigius Recchia
Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings by Joy Harjo, reviewed by Luke Marinac
In Which I Play the Runaway by Rochelle Hurt, reviewed by Lisa Favicchia
Small Crimes by Andrea Jurjević, reviewed by Coral Nardandrea
Madwoman by Shara McCallum, reviewed by Roseanna Boswell
Phantom Hour by James Meetze, reviewed by Eric Komosa
Everyone at This Party Has Two Names by Brad Aaron Modlin, reviewed by E. B. Schnepp
There’s So Much They Haven’t Told You by Michelle Ross, reviewed by Rebecca Orchard
8th Street Power and Light by Eric Shonkwiler, reviewed by Nick Heeb