MAR Cover 39.2: The Gilded Age—With Deer, by Sarah Nguyen

39.2 Table of Contents

Holly Karapetkova, Three Poems
Alyssa Froehling, “the maidenhair tree”
Stacy Boe Miller, “Homage to My Being a Woman”
Bilinda Straight, “First Cut”
Daniel Biegelson, “Let There Be Dark”
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins, “Emotional Dictionary”
Angela Bilger, “Heart”
Mary Cisper, Three Poems
A. Anupama, “Soon”
Cynthia Hughes, “Driving the Bread to New Jersey in the Middle of the Night”
Benjamin Landry, Two Poems
Jane Zwart, “An Asterisk”
Samantha Leigh Futhey, “Geophagy”
Bonnie Jill Emmanuel, “After a Massacre”
Amy Roa, “The Food Chain”

Wendy Chen, “The Scarecrow”
C.R. Beideman, “Where the Children Play”
Alyse Knorr, “Hercules and the Snake”
Nathan Sindelar, “Charades”
Aurelie Sheehan, “Funerals for Introverts”
Nick Almeida, “Electric Nothing”

Creative Nonfiction
Denise Duhamel, “It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature”
Kathleen McGookey, “The Available Light”

The 2019 AWP Intro Journals Awards
McKayla Conahan, “In the Sedge”
Mirri Glasson-Darling, “The Root of My Family”

Dimitra Kotoula, from Prayer (or The Apple, 7/28/2013)
Translated from the Greek by Maria Nazos

Translation Chapbook
Anna Maria Carpi, By the Board of Departures and Arrivals
Translated from the Italian and Introduced by Lisa Mullenneaux

The 2018-2019 James Wright Competition
     First Prize
Mark Wagenaar, “Psalm XXXI”
Cynthia X. Hua, “After Dark”
Kim Garcia, “A pheasant’s burbling call”
Jason Roberts, “Chamber III: Walker County as the Image of a Heart Sufficiently Broken”
Jacqueline Winter Thomas, “One Year of Winter”
Alexa Winik, “Parable of the Bobbit Worm”

The 2018-2019 Sherwood Anderson Competition
     First Prize
Chris Morgan, “A Short History of Violence”
Patricia Sammon, “The Forest”

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