Fall 2007
Cover Art: Joey Remmers:
The Coming of the Deluge



Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Sean Campanella “Welcome to Gethsemene”
Kyle Killen “My Other Head Is Named Ted”
Sayzie Koldys “Grenade”
Tony Schaffer “Summer Injuries”
George Singleton “Voted Most Likely”

Robert Avery “Smear the Queer”
Hadara Bar-Nadav “Structures of a Softer Sort”
Michele Battiste “Postulates impossible to prove are the easiest ones to grasp, an application of Golbach’s Conjecture”
Jan Beatty “Born in Her (twinge)”
Bruce Cohen Two Poems
Roger Desy “flourishing”
Jack Edwards “Why Museums Make Me Sad”
Shelley Girdner Two Poems
Kelle Groom Two Poems
Benjamin S. Grossberg “Not Children”
Kate Lynn Hibbard Two Poems
Bob Hicok Three Poems
Roy Jacobstein “A.R.T.”
Michael Johnson Two Poems
Shara Lessley “Canopy”
Michael David Madonick Two Poems
Al Maginnes “Hard Dreaming”
Khaled Mattawa “Lovers (Jafaar the Winged)”
Chad Prevost “Tremors”
Hilda Raz Two Poems
Karen Rigby “Autobiography of the Body”
David Shumate “The Supernatural”
Laura Van Prooyen “Swivel”

Matthew Davis “How We Move From Here to There”
W. Scott Olsen “Aileron Jazz”

The 2007 Fineline Competition
First Prize: Matthew Salesses “How to Be a Conqueror”
Editors’ Choice: Cherie Hunter Day “Mud Season”
Editors’ Choice: Kevin Griffith “Bar-of-the-Month Club”
Editors’ Choice: Lincoln Michel Two Selections
Editors’ Choice: Benjamin Russell “Bird Brain”
Editors’ Choice: Rachel Pearson Two Selections”

The 2007 Associated Writing Programs Intro to Journals Award
Tarfia Faizullah “Ramadan Aubade”
Nancy Mays “People Are”

Translation Chapbook
Herberto Helder “As Movement Touches Clay”
Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin

Featured Poet
Ari Banias “Trick With Light and Sound”

Iman Mersal “To Cross Between Two Rooms” Translated from the Arabic by Khaled Mattawa

What We’re Reading
(Not That You Asked): Rants, Exploits, and Obsessions by Steve Almond
Of Whisky and Winter by Peter Conners
Broken Hallelujahs by Sean Thomas Dougherty
Take What You Want by Henrietta Goodman
Crocus by Karin Gottshall
Denmark, Kangaroo, Orange by Kevin Griffith
Spoken Among the Trees by Jeff Gundy
Quinnehtukqut by Joshua Harmon
All Over by Roy Kesey
Velocity by Nancy Krygowsky
Dead Boys: Stories by Richard Lange
Constituents of Matter by Anna Leahy
Part of the World: A Novel by Robert Lopez
Swamp Songs & Tales by Howard McCord
Leaving Iowa by Michael Meyerhofer
Coal Black by Robert Olmstead
Super American by Anne Pannning
The Agnostics by Wendy Rawlings
Neck of the World by F. Daniel Rzicznek
Patient 002 by Floyd Skoot
The Species Crown by Curtis Smith
the beautiful miscellaneous by Dominic Smith
Rabbits of the Air by Phillip Terman
Throw Like a Girl by Jean Thompson

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