Fall 1990
Special Feature: Works by Native American Writers
Cover Art: Johnathan W. Rice 



Table of Contents

Special Feature:
Joseph Bruchac Four Poems
Barney Bush “Dreamfast”
Susan Clements Five Poems
Diane Glancy “Essay, Story, and Poem”
Gordon Henry Two Poems
Linda Hogan “Poem and Essay”
Tatan’ka Iyota’ke “Epigraphs”
Tatan’ka Iyota’ke Two Poems
Maurice Kenny “Carleton Island”
Lawrence Millman “Three Neskapi Tales”
Norman Russell Three Poems
Amber Coverdale Sumrall “Five Poems”

Anthony Bukoski “The Things That Are Wrong With My House”
Omar Castaneda “The Unhappy Life of the False Sun and Moon”
Mack Faith “Thunderbird Dreams”
Daisy Taylor “Her Washing”
Michael C. White “Burn Patterns”
Ian Woollen “First Guy, Second Guy”

David Citino “Homage to the Corn”
Robert Gibb “Jack-Lighting”
Greg Glazner “After the Night Shift”
Margaret Hanzimanolis Three Poems
Joseph Leopold “The Power of Ceaseless Motion”
Anthony Libby “Dorothea Lange Takes a Picture, 1936”
Joel Long “The Springs”
Cindy Nichols Two Poems
Philip Terman “From the Heartland”

Felicia Mitchell “From Object to Equal: Modern Love Poems by Women”

Further Notes on Musicality:
Wayne Barham “Aslant From the Poet’s Mouth (A Dialogue)”
Stephen Dunn “Poetry and Music”
Philip Dacey “Keat’s Lovers: Poetry and Music”
Edward A. Dougherty “Toward a Poetry of Witness”

Maria Banus Two Poems
Translated by Marguerite Dorian and Elliott B. Urdany
Grozdana Olujic “On the Long, Long Street – Faces”
Translated from the Serbo-Croatian by Gertrud Graubart-Champe

Translation Chapbook
Peter Huchel On Crutches of Naked Poplars
Translated by Robert Firmage

What We’re Reading
What Are People For? by Wendell Berry
Selected Stories by Andre Dubus
The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien
Returning the Question by Trish Reeves
Nightmarks by Carlos Reyes
Parsnips in the Snow by Jane Anne Staw and Mary Swander
The Sum Complexities of the Humble Field by Viola Weinberg
Who Is Alice? by Phillis Stowell

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