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Pets with MAR: Chokko

Chokko (better known as “Sir Chonkus of the Chonkmeisters” or “Chonky”) Waterfield finds himself enjoying a recent issue of Mid-American Review. When he isn’t reading, he is a ruthless tug-of-war player and always down for a walk through the cemetery. (Photo courtesy of Lila Waterfield)

Pets with MAR: Big Will & Willow

Big Will (top) and Willow (bottom) Clark vibe in rural Ohio. Both can be found melting hearts and enjoying the occasional poem or two. (Photos courtesy of Lucas Clark, MAR)

Pets with MAR: Poppy

Poppy (nicknamed Peebus) knows what’s good in life. She says you should all check out MAR. I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to disobey this kind of feline royalty! Want to include your pet in our “Pets with MAR” series? Simply send your photo, along with your pet’s name and any other...

Pets with MAR: Suki

Suki Simmons is an almost two-year-old brown tiger tabby who splits her time between Bowling Green and Cleveland, OH. She likes the color blue, tunnels, her mouse toy Horatio, looking out windows, and jump-scaring her human. She can often be found yelling for food.  (Photo courtesy of Mary Simmons, MAR)