Welcome back to Pets with MAR. Meet two adorable cats, Chloe and Lucy, owned by our Winter Wheat Coordinator and editor on the poetry staff, Coral Nardandrea. Her fellow MFAs designated her a crazy cat lady even though she only has two cats. (And a cat pillowcase. And a cat blanket. And a cat wine rack.) Coral is finishing her second year at BGSU’s MFA program and plans to go into the business of publishing.

First up, meet Chloe!














Chloe has been training her human for twelve and a half years now. The human has since figured out which blanket is her favorite, which meows signal hunger, and the list of the few movements allowed when being sat upon. Once a hunter of bottle caps, hair ties, plastic bags, and flip flops, Chloe has since retired, and can rarely be persuaded to play by any toy except her old tennis ball. To earn her favor, hopefuls must be impressed by her snore and respectful of her disdainful expression.


And now, Lucy!


Lucy is the most recent addition to the family, much to Chloe’s displeasure. A little round, simple-minded, and unable to meow, Lucy likes her life just the way it is, with a lot of food and even more sleeping. She’s preferred her quiet lifestyle since getting stuck in a chimney for a week when she was a kitten under another human’s care, and certainly avoids traipsing over roofs several years later. She can be distinguished from her sister by her often-dazed expression and signature waddle.