We are proud to feature a day of panels and presentations for the Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors (FUSE). FUSE is a national organization of students and faculty advisors who edit and publish literary magazines and other periodicals and strive for professional growth and positive change in publishing.

All events will take place Friday, November 12, via Zoom, and participants are welcome to attend Winter Wheat events as well. Both conferences are free to attend.


You may register by sending names and emails of participants, with school and/or organization represented, to winterwheat@bgsu.edu. We will send links to sessions out to all participants in the days before the colloquium. Questions may be directed to Abigail Cloud at clouda@bgsu.edu.

The Schedule:

11:00 am – 12:30 pm Panel Sessions

1:00 pm -2:15 pm Student editor roundtable: content warnings, diversity in readers and submissions, and reading without author info

2:30 pm -3:45 pm Publishing professionals Q&A panel (a hybrid Zoom/in-person event for both FUSE and Winter Wheat participants)

7:00 pm Evening Student Open Mic (on Zoom)


Scan Me: How Undergraduate Literary Magazines Can Connect to Campus Communities in the Time of Covid

SUNY Fredonia’s undergraduate literary magazine, The Trident, is the product of a class that studies the history of literary magazines from Emerson’s The Dial to contemporary examples. The 2021 issue of the magazine drew on that history, as well as the cultural context of its making–including the global pandemic and its impact on our lives, as well as national conversations about racial justice and other crises–and sought innovative ways to navigate both budget limitations and Covid realities and go beyond the printed page in order to connect the physical issue to the web and digital media. Liv Frazer, Georgia Speller, and Kaitlyn Woodard, three student editors from the latest issue, will talk about the what and the why of those innovations and that cultural and historical context, with an introduction and overview by faculty advisor Michael Sheehan. 


Michael Sheehan, Assistant Professor of English

Liv Frazer, class of 23

Georgia Speller, class of 23

Kaitlyn Woodard, class of 23

Lydia Turcios, class of 23

Perfect Strangers: Running a Globally-Read Publication from the Ether

“Perfect Strangers: Running a Globally-Read Publication from the Ether” examines how an undergraduate student staff collaborates virtually with far-flung authors to produce a digital publication read in 48 countries, 49 U.S. states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Subnivean, a SUNY Oswego literary publication, launched in late October, 2020. In less than a year, the publication had built a healthy readership; held an international literary competition adjudicated by luminary authors Daniel Handler (AKA Lemony Snicket), Arisa White and April Sinclair; and been recognized as an extraordinary debut magazine by the CLMP. The weird thing? The student staff that founded it had never met. Learn, from Subnivean’s present staff, the practices that make a remotely-run literary publication possible.


Soma Mei Sheng Frazier

Madison Pearson

Shannon Sutorius

Tracing Legacy’s Past: How has it evolved over time?

Some magazines, clear about their identity and purpose, steadily provide the same product to readers over the course of their life. Many magazines, on the other hand, begin at one place and, as time goes on, they undergo transformations in identity, look, and purpose. Learning about a magazine’s past does clearly help better shape its future. In preparing the upcoming volume, the Legacy team examines the history of their publication to answer a vital question: What about Legacy has changed and what has remained the same? The speakers, who are all staff members, will address this question by both looking back and looking ahead in order to share an assessment of the current identity of Legacy.


Jacob Weaver

Shianne Blue Ayala

Jennifer Jewell

Dylan Sokolovich