Graduation Application (Undergraduate)

Please print the following graduation information for your records.

If the program in which you wish to apply is not listed correctly, please contact your college office.

Your diploma will have your legal name unless you indicate a diploma name through MyBGSU self-service. If your name requires special punctuation or your name does not fit in the space provided, please email with the correct diploma name.

Unless a FERPA hold has been placed by you through the Office of Registration and Records, your graduation information will appear in the commencement program, graduation related publications and information regarding graduation will be mailed to your home address. To place a FERPA hold, go to, select Directory Information, Withholding, and follow the instructions on the document.

Please update your home address through MyBGSU self-service, if appropriate. Your home address will be used for the Commencement program, publications, and the address to which your diploma will be mailed 8-10 weeks after graduation.

Please email if you are not planning to attend the main campus ceremony. All associate degree students must have approval of their college before they can attend the main campus ceremony.

* A non-refundable $35 graduation fee will automatically be charged to your Bursar account soon after you apply *

* These fields are required.

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